Welcome to Replaying the Past: Digital Games about Civil War Baltimore.  Dr. Anne Sarah Rubin taught this class during Spring 2015 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  History undergraduate and Masters degree students worked with undergraduates in the Game Development program (under the direction of  Dr. Marc Olano) to build an on-line game about the 1861 Pratt Street Riots, arguably the site of the first blood shed in the American Civil War.

In addition to serving as historical researchers and consultants on the main game, “Bandit,” the History students built two games of their own:  a board game (built by teams) and an interactive nonfiction game (built individually).  Links to the games can be found above.

This class was funded by the generous support of UMBC’s Hrabowski Fund for Innovation.

Thanks are also due to Dr. Marc Olano, the Department of History, The Gaming, Animation, and Interactive Media Track, The Center for Digital History and Education, and Dr. Anastasia Salter.

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